Civil Works

Construction : This involves specialized fields of architecture and civil engineering. Construction is the physical process of actually building something (structure) on an empty piece of land known as Green Field Project. Construction involves high levels of multitasking with different levels of skilled, semi skilled and unskilled workers.

Glazing : This is a transparent part of a wall, usually made of glass or plastic (acrylic and polycarbonate). Common types of glazing used in civil applications include clear and tinted float glass, tempered glass and laminated glass as well as a variety of coated glasses, all of which can be glazed singly or as double, or even triple glazing units.

Electrical : This work requires trained and certified electricians who have ample experience in wiring buildings and structures. Electrical work involves having an understanding of domestic consumption of electricity so that the electrical points are placed effectively in houses, bungalows and offices.

Plumbing : This is the skilled trade of working with pipes, tubing and plumbing fixtures for drinking water systems and the drainage of waste.

Water Proofing : This is the formation of an impervious barrier which is designed to prevent water entering or escaping from various sections of building structures. Internal areas that are waterproofed include bathrooms, and toilets. External areas that are water proofed are the main exposed walls of the building and the entire roof of the structure.

Composite Aluminium : This is a versatile Aluminium composite panel made out of two aluminium skins which are pre coated and thermally bonded to each side of non-toxic polyethylene core. Composite Aluminium is used extensively for the exterior façade of  structures.

Important elements of a Construction Project
We, at PDM Engineers, understand the importance of these vital elements and hence each and every employee of the organisation has worked up his way in this field by keeping CUSTOMER SATISFACTION as his motto.