Interior Works

Carpentry : This is a skilled art of transforming sheets or blocks of wood into objects of daily use and utility. Carpentry requires highly trained, skilled and experienced manpower to transform wood to furniture.

POP (Plaster of Paris) : Plaster of Paris is used as a building material similar to mortar or cement. When water is mixed with cement it hardens into concrete. Similarly POP is a dry powder that is mixed with water to form a paste which liberates heat and then hardens. Unlike martar and cement, POP remains quite soft after drying and can be easily reshaped and designed as per clients requirements.

Painting : Painting of houses, offices, bungalows and industrial units is the collective effort of a team of highly skilled painters who are familiar with working on different kinds of concrete structures. Painting involves a lot of  pre-preparing a cement structure in the form of scrapping, neroo finishing, lampi treatment, application of primers and finally application of synthetic paint.

Tiling : This is the expert work of professional tile fitters. Tiling is done with a variety of materials, common being ceramic but the range varies from marble to granite. Floor tiles are generally fixed using mortar which is a combination of sand, cement, water. Sometimes a chemical latex is utilized for extra adhesion.

False ceiling : They are extra lower ceilings designed to suit the height and interior decor requirements. False ceilings can be done in any type of material and is suitable for any area requiring a fixed, non-porous, non-fibrous and non-absorbent ceiling. False ceilings are lower in height and thus easy to clean and maintain.

AC Ducting : This is the most cost effective and efficient method of conveying cold air from point to point and distributing where its needed. Air conditioning ducts are made from light weight polythene and are usually suspended overhead from steel wires. Rows of small holes in the sides of the AC ducts produce jets of cold air that mix with the warmer room air before falling to floor level.

Project Review

The project review phase is the stage when the client’s interior design needs and desires are discussed and preliminary style and finishes are determined.
  • Review scope of project with client to include design philosophy, budget, etc
  • Review existing floor plan to determine any potential problems regarding room layout by preparing preliminary furniture placement plans incorporating existing furniture, if applicable
  • Review lighting plan to determine any potential problems regarding art displays and specific light sources for work tasks and general reading
  • Determine location and types of floor coverings to be used
  • Determine wall surface finishes
  • Determine types and locations of surface finishes such as kitchen and bath counter tops, fireplace facades, bathtub decking and shower surrounds, bar tops, etc
  • Determine style of plumbing fixtures
  • Determine style of furniture and window treatments
Schematic Design

Based on the guidelines established during the Project Review Phase, we proceed with the interior conceptual planning.
  • Draft the base plan
  • Draft furniture placement plan
  • Draft the floor plan
  • Choose preliminary floor covering materials and surface materials to include carpet, ceramic tile, marble, granite, slate, limestone, etc.
  • Make preliminary plumbing fixture selections
  • Make preliminary furniture and window treatment selections
  • Make preliminary decorative lighting fixture selections
Design Development
  • Review with client all items covered under the Schematic Design Phase
  • Revise furniture placement plan and furniture selections, if necessary
  • Write surface finish material and wall covering specifications to reflect final material choices made by client/ Revise lighting plan, if necessary
  • Prepare ceramic tile elevations for sink counter top, tub decking and shower surrounds to indicate placement of any trim detailing
  • Obtain plumbing fixture specs from supplier
  • Prepare cost estimates for all items to be purchased