Demand for water is growing in most cities as every urban citizen requires almost double the amount of water that a rural citizen requires. Moreover, India is rapidly urbanising.

Urban population in India has grown almost five times in five decades from 1951 (62.44 million) to 2001 (286.08). Not long ago, most of our cities were self sufficient in meeting their water needs from the extensive urban water bodies to supply water to citizens. Today these water bodies have completely disappeared. Municipalities have been stretched to their limits to find water for the growing urban populations. Groundwater is being extracted by the government as well as the private parties.

Rainwater Harvesting simply put is the direct collection of rain water. The idea is to catch the rain as it falls over building surfaces and channel it through pipes to pre-defined storage points. The rainwater collected is then stored & filtered for immediate use or for recharging the groundwater to be used later though borewells.

We plan & design rainwater harvesting systems based on your specific requirements. Detailed studies are undertaken by us for the same, keeping in mind the average rainfall in your city, total catchment area and other parameters.

Based on the same, PDM Engineers suggests storage & recharge solutions best suitable to your site. CAD drawings along with detailed BOQs are presented to the client as part of our consultancy services.